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Torre dei Moro fire. Panetta law firm in the seizures against the builders and sellers of the property

Roberto Panetta assisted the Condominio di Via Antonini 32 in Milan in the precautionary seizure proceedings against the builders and sellers of the so-called Moro Tower, which burned down last August 29, 2021.
In the aftermath of the tragic fire that led to the destruction of an 18-story building and forced 80 families to find a housing solution elsewhere, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office launched penetrating investigations against, among others, Roberto Moro, legal representative of Moro Costruzioni, which had acted as general contractor in the construction of the building as well as against Alberto Moro and Stefania Grunzweig held responsible for buying and selling the property by withholding relevant information about the building’s construction characteristics and holding further omissive conduct to the detriment today of the current owners of the burned apartments.
During the course of the investigation, according to judicial police findings, these individuals concluded a series of real estate transactions aimed at transferring entire mansions in Milan and the province of Asti to other individuals.
The Antonini Condominium, assisted by Roberto Panetta and by associate Valentina Todeschini, applied to the Court of Milan for two precautionary seizures of all the Moro’s and Mrs. Grunzweig’s assets up to an amount of 25 million euros. All for the protection of the credit reasons of the condominium itself.
The court therefore granted the claims made in full, finding, even in the summary nature of the interlocutory judgment, that the acts performed were distractive of assets.